Weizmann Institute of Science - spring 2020


Introduction to the Global Climate System


Lecturer: Eli Galanti 



Monday 9:15-11:00 (Zoom)

TA: Keren Duer



Wednesday 10:15-11:00 (Zoom)

Zoom office hours: Monday 15:30-16:30


Recorded lectures and tutorials




o   Motivation, rational, and ordering



o   Lecture 1: Introduction

o   Lecture 2: Global energy balance

o   Lecture 3: Atmospheric radiative transfer

o   Lecture 4: Energy balance at the surface; Notes

o   Lecture 5: Hydrological cycle and clouds

o   Lecture 6: Atmospheric general circulation I; Detailed notes; Class notes

o   Lecture 7: Atmospheric general circulation II

o   Lecture 8: Atmospheric general circulation III

o   Lecture 9: Oceanic general circulation

o   Lecture 10: El Nino – Southern Oscillation

o   Lecture 11: Past climates

o   Lecture 12: Climate feedbacks

o   Lecture 13: Climate models, IPCC AR5 Evaluation of Climate Models

o   Lecture 14: Anthropogenic Climate change



o   Week 1

o   Week 2

o   Week 3

o   Week 4

o   Week 5

o   Week 6

o   Week 7

o   Week 8

o   Week 9

o   Week 11

o   Week 12

o   Week 13

o   Week 14



o   HW 1

o   HW 2

o   HW 3

o   HW 4

o   HW 5

o   HW 6

o   HW 7

o   HW 8

o   HW 9

o   HW 10

o   HW 11

o   HW 12

o   HW 13

o   HW 14






o   Global Physical Climatology (Dennis L. Hartmann, Academic Press, pp. 411)




o   This is a basic introductory breadth course and should be accessible to all Weizmann graduate students, given that they took university level introductory courses in linear algebra and calculus.



o   Attendance of at least 80% of the lectures.

o   Submission of all 14 homework assignments by deadline.

o   Successfully passing final exam



o   Maximum of 5 points for each home assignment, 30 points for final exam.




Ext. links

o   Global climate animations

o   GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP)

o   NASA Earth Observatory